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Friday, 20 April 2012


I’m sorry,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve cried
I’m sorry I was never enough
I’m sorry I just wasn’t tough
Sorry I couldn’t make you smile
Sorry I didn’t make you stay a while
I’m sorry I tore you apart
I’m sorry we can’t get along
I’m sorry, I cry to every song
I’m sorry I hide when you come around
Sorry I hang my head, eyes always on the ground
Sorry we couldn’t make it
Sorry I just couldn’t take it
Sorry you couldn’t see past my looks
I’m sorry for every part of me you took
I’m sorry I let you in at all,
I’m sorry I pushed you away
I’m sorry we will never again meet
I’m sorry this as far as we will see,
I’m sorry we just weren’t meant to be
And I’m sorry you feel you never hurt me
What I’m sorry for most of all,
Is how I’m just say sorry.

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