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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Semester Break =P

salam guys =)
semester break begins !
even dah almost 2 or 3 weeks cuti,
tp mood holiday tu still macam baru kemarin jea cuti nye punn~ hehe ;)

okayh, cuti sem kali ni, mira keje dengan ayah 
untuk isi masa yang terbiar nih XP hehe
fulus pon masyukk ~
 ini serious ~ hahaha

okay, result final pulak !
haih....... alhamdulillah...melepasi target =) yeah!!
tapi nyaris2 tersungkur...haish~
padah banyak sgt maen sem lepas..
kalau tak insaf lagi memang dahsyat la kan =P
btw, thanx to mama ngan ayah yang banyak support saya =D
to all my beloved friends too..
TERIMA KASIH !! ;) wink wink..
hope the next semester will be better than this.
till then, see ya! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Last Two Peiper !!

salam guys =)
yeah!! finally~nak balik rumah suda...

but, before i leave my beloved poli ni,
i should sit for the last two papers =)

as usual, bila tiba jea last paper,
mesti mood study suma dah down..
and mood balik kampung yang melonjak2 naik!

hahaha..lumrah student kot~
so, esok ada dua peiper that are
Discrete Mathematics and the killest one,
Fundamentals Of Programming =.='

nama pon the killest one, memang obvious susah la kan..
but, memandangkan mood balik kampung lagi tinggi dari
mood study,i've decided to study gitu2 jea..
boleh pulak macam tu kan... =P
but, really2 hope i can get good result for this sem XD

(study pon tanak, ada hati nak result gempak)
hahaha.. just wish me luck kayh =)
till then, see ya!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Insomnia =='

salam =) hey peeps !
its about 7.15 am =D
morning, morning and morning !
it's still early in the morning right now..
not still but ALMOST now !!

i can't get myself to sleep yet!
even i feel so so so~ sleepy right now..
oh! how envious i am right now to see all of my roomates 
fell asleep just like that and go through with their dreams =(
i wish i could do that too..
but with my emotion and all the probs that have been
put on my head, its just like UUURGGHHH!!

its burden me!
i feel like i just wanna scream and say
HEY somebody, please help me!!
but, just forget it..
so, did i just get INSOMNIA??

i just guess no! its only about one night only right??
but, it is called insomnia too??!!
blablabla..i don't know what to do now...
okay, my head has spin around now~

i guess i should stop here..
till then, see ya!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Its all about Final Examination =)

assalamualaikum =)
hey peeps...
nice morning here at Muadzam Shah XD
hoho..almost 5.15 a.m now..
but i still can't sleep =='
okay, just move on to the topic up there =)

waaa~ its only about two days to go
before i sit for my first paper..
fuhhh~ seriously ! 
i can't get myself hold back and study !

my first paper is Computer Organisation =)
say hye to CO (^_____^)
okay, this is the subject that i really2 think
it would kill my result !
urghh! stress! i've tried to understand it,
but lastly, i can't control myself and hold to my
pillow tight after that.. ZZZZZZZZ~
hohoho... thats the real me.. hehe..

then, for the second paper,
i'll sit for Fundamentals of Operating System..
i've used to called it OS ( shortform is better ^__^ )
OS is a subject that maybe could help 
my result looks better, I guess! hehe..

It follows by Discrete Mathematics =)
I think I don't have many probs
with this subject..
it just here and there that I should improve
to make my result looks nice XD hahaha..
for the last one!
the MOST important paper for me
since i'm in Programming course =)
definitely i should sit for 
Fundamentals of Programming =='
this subject will be the second subject
that will make my result getting worse after CO
I think!

Dear ALLAH, please help me..
give me some strength to work on my Final ='(
to all my PAPERS =)
im begging to all of you.. =(
please be kind to me dear =) 
really really begging for it ! hehe

till then, see ya ! ;)

Friday, 20 April 2012


I’m sorry,
I’m sorry for all the times I’ve cried
I’m sorry I was never enough
I’m sorry I just wasn’t tough
Sorry I couldn’t make you smile
Sorry I didn’t make you stay a while
I’m sorry I tore you apart
I’m sorry we can’t get along
I’m sorry, I cry to every song
I’m sorry I hide when you come around
Sorry I hang my head, eyes always on the ground
Sorry we couldn’t make it
Sorry I just couldn’t take it
Sorry you couldn’t see past my looks
I’m sorry for every part of me you took
I’m sorry I let you in at all,
I’m sorry I pushed you away
I’m sorry we will never again meet
I’m sorry this as far as we will see,
I’m sorry we just weren’t meant to be
And I’m sorry you feel you never hurt me
What I’m sorry for most of all,
Is how I’m just say sorry.