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Friday, 27 April 2012

Insomnia =='

salam =) hey peeps !
its about 7.15 am =D
morning, morning and morning !
it's still early in the morning right now..
not still but ALMOST now !!

i can't get myself to sleep yet!
even i feel so so so~ sleepy right now..
oh! how envious i am right now to see all of my roomates 
fell asleep just like that and go through with their dreams =(
i wish i could do that too..
but with my emotion and all the probs that have been
put on my head, its just like UUURGGHHH!!

its burden me!
i feel like i just wanna scream and say
HEY somebody, please help me!!
but, just forget it..
so, did i just get INSOMNIA??

i just guess no! its only about one night only right??
but, it is called insomnia too??!!
blablabla..i don't know what to do now...
okay, my head has spin around now~

i guess i should stop here..
till then, see ya!

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