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Sunday, 15 April 2012

salam readers..
updating my blog with full of frustration..
this entry is for someone out there :')
i'm just getting tired with what i'm doing now...

i just keep doing the same mistake again and again ..
but i just want to be myself..
don't want to pretend like i'm a perfect person just
to satisfy others..
that's hypocrite!

it's so hard to make others accept us in what we are..
nobody's perfect in this world dear..
i'm just begging to you, please accept me in the way i are..
you make my life complete, seriously! =)
never feel like this before..i'm so sorry for hurting you that much..

i really really really hope that you will accept all my weakness..
cause i'm trying to accept your weakness too =)
it's quite hard for me but at least i'm tried..

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