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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Its all about Final Examination =)

assalamualaikum =)
hey peeps...
nice morning here at Muadzam Shah XD
hoho..almost 5.15 a.m now..
but i still can't sleep =='
okay, just move on to the topic up there =)

waaa~ its only about two days to go
before i sit for my first paper..
fuhhh~ seriously ! 
i can't get myself hold back and study !

my first paper is Computer Organisation =)
say hye to CO (^_____^)
okay, this is the subject that i really2 think
it would kill my result !
urghh! stress! i've tried to understand it,
but lastly, i can't control myself and hold to my
pillow tight after that.. ZZZZZZZZ~
hohoho... thats the real me.. hehe..

then, for the second paper,
i'll sit for Fundamentals of Operating System..
i've used to called it OS ( shortform is better ^__^ )
OS is a subject that maybe could help 
my result looks better, I guess! hehe..

It follows by Discrete Mathematics =)
I think I don't have many probs
with this subject..
it just here and there that I should improve
to make my result looks nice XD hahaha..
for the last one!
the MOST important paper for me
since i'm in Programming course =)
definitely i should sit for 
Fundamentals of Programming =='
this subject will be the second subject
that will make my result getting worse after CO
I think!

Dear ALLAH, please help me..
give me some strength to work on my Final ='(
to all my PAPERS =)
im begging to all of you.. =(
please be kind to me dear =) 
really really begging for it ! hehe

till then, see ya ! ;)

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