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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

getting tired now

salam readers...
i'm updating new entry with feeling of frustration now..
i'm just getting fed up with my life now..
dun noe how to explain it here..
wat i'm doing is just like shows the folly of mine!!
i'm forced to live with people who only think about their own feelings!!
they just make me depressed~~
such a bored life now..
DEAR ALLAH~~ help me to make a decision...
i seek only to YOU..

but thank GOD!!
i'm blesses with family who always support me,
encourage me and love me..
THANKS mom and dad..
really love both of you so much!!
proud to be daughter to both of you..

just 2 weeks around for me to hold this pain..
got to start a new life..
i really2 hope to get a good fortune later...

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